Cistern, Istanbul, Turkey
Lion, South Africa
Chetahs, South Africa
Puffer Fish, New Orleans
Alligator, New Orleans
Sunset, Belize
Canals, China
Peacock, Australia
Handled Leaf, Wyoming
Pumkins, NYC
Sally Lightfoot Crab, Gallapagos
Great Jones Street, NYC
Venice Under Water
Saltzburg at dawn
Dusk, Grand Tetons
Dusk, Grand Tetons
Walk, Grand Tetons
The Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain
Abandoned Pontiac, Virginia
Slot Canyon, Utah
Waterfall, Utah
Waterfall, Utah
Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, Wyoming
Yellowstone, Wyoming
Snake River, Wyoming
Bulletin Board, Venice
Night in Asolo, Italy
Canal, Venice
Pumpkins, Van Cortland Manor, NY
Pagodas, Mohonk Mountain House, NY
Water and Trees, Necker Island
First Day of School, NYC
Ants on Peonies, Virginia
Dew on a Web, NY
Dew on a Web, NY
Night Skiing, Mont Tremblant, Canada
Hummingbird, Baja, Mexico
Mountains, Montana
Mountain Goat, Montana
Stream Rocks, Montana
Flower, NYC
Changing Trees, Vermont
Flower Closeup, NYC
Steward Brand and Lasers, Nevada
Dan and Lasers, Nevada
Little Ones, Fire Island
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Bales of Hay, Ireland
Dunagore, Ireland
Flying Zach, Ireland
Rheinfall, Switzerland
Kinderdijk, Holland
Amstel River, Amsterdam, Holland
Lifeguard Tournament, Fire Island, NY
Sharks, Fire Island, NY
Fire Island
Fire Island 2022
Lifeguards 2022
Challenger Deep
Mariana Trench 2021
Masaya Volcano
Masaya Volcano 2019
North Pole
North Pole 2018

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